Travel Junkie is a fast growing travel site that offers readers and followers travel tips, advice, reviews and money-saving ideas to see the world. With hundreds of readers and followers, advertising on Travel Junkie offers your brand the opportunity to reach an engaged audience with a passion to travel.

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Travel Junkie is a fast growing travel site reaching hundreds of readers and followers a month. If you are looking to promote your brand, this is a great way to do so. The prices below are prices to advertise on my website for a month, if you are looking for more than a month, please let me know.

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Social Media Promoting

Interested in promoting your brand? Travel Junkie can work with you to promote your brand on all of Travel Junkie’s Social Media, which includes: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your brand will reach hundreds of followers through social media.

*Please note that any ads or links added to social media will be advertised for a week.



Sponsored Post

Do you have an amazing brand you would like to share? Travel Junkie can work with you to create a sponsored post that will integrate with content on the site.

This package includes:
1 Sponsored Post
1 Facebook Mention
1 Twitter Mention

Please note that I mention my posts several times on Facebook and Twitter. While I can’t guarantee that your post will be mentioned several times, I can guarantee it will be mentioned at least 3 times throughout the year.

*Also all sponsored posts must be related to travel. Anything other than travel will be rejected.


If you are wanting a customized package, contact me at

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